[CQ-Contest] "Test" At End of CQ

Edward Sawyer EdwardS at sbelectronics.com
Mon Jun 1 17:07:17 EDT 2020

K9YC stated  - "For at least 10 years, my N1MM keys have been
F1 TEST K9YC Minimal CQ
F3 TU K9YC (to end a running QSO, hit ESC after TU when I know callers
are waiting)
F8 CQ TEST K9YC (Feed the Skimmers)
F9 CQ TEST K9YC K9YC (Beat the bushes)"

Personally, I do the opposite.  20 years of competitive contesting, a few wins here and there.  Seems to be working.  Not everyone follow's Jim's rules....

F2 CQ TEST N1UR N1UR TEST (If I am using F2, which I only do about 20% of the time, its about filling space while I work the 2nd radio.  And yes, its an RBN grabber to start).
F3 N1UR TEST (If I am hearing activity on my frequency and know people are already listening.  I also use this on radio 1 to hold my run frequency while I work someone on the radio 2).

I end virtually every QSO with TU N1UR - if clearly I have a deep pile and no one is Duping me, I will add TU only with no call.  Sometime on purpose to catch people off guard and get an isolated caller out of the pile.  Whatever it takes to keep the rate up.

Ed  N1UR

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