[CQ-Contest] What's your Opinion on 2BSIQ ?

Edward Sawyer EdwardS at sbelectronics.com
Tue Jun 2 07:07:27 EDT 2020

Jeff, There is a lot in this beyond 2BSIQ however I will just comment on that.  The basis of all SO contesting is one signal on a band a time.  Whether its working a mult on the second radio SO2R or working a Q on the other band on 2BSIQ, its the same thing.  The statement that its Multi 2 except there is only one signal on at a time, makes it specifically not multi 2.   By definition.  

If you recall, there are some contests that specifically prohibit running with 2 frequencies on the same band - even though interlocked to not have a signal on at the same time.  This was added because it technically met the rules of one signal on a band at the time but was decided it was not desired.  No one ever claimed it violated the rules as written before the amendment.

Yes 2BSIQ is now the only way to win a CW contest.  And its more than equipment.  I have all the equipment and LOUD factor to play in it but I just can't get there with my CW skill.  Also, it crosses a line for me of being robotic and not fun.  Hopefully, its fun for those that do it.  Its not for me.  So, I have conceded it in my expectations of what I can achieve in CW contesting.  My competition is now with those not doing it.  Whoever those are.

However, I think it has every place in the SOAB category.  Its within the rules and is fully exploiting the capability of the station and the operator.  Just as SO2R did and still does.  And its not "adding another element" like assisted.

The discussion of a better "Classic" definition is a good one.  The problem is there are probably half a dozen factions of people who define their want of the category differently.  I think a better path is a "Contest within a contest" as the way to start slicing and dicing.


Ed  N1UR

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