[CQ-Contest] What's your Opinion on 2BSIQ ?

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Tue Jun 2 10:59:40 EDT 2020

And compare Nate’s excellent score to that of KC1XX with the big aluminum. Both ops 36hrs/SO2R


as I *(VE9AA) said:

“I'd much rather go up against a single op running 2BSIQ and normal antennas
in a normal QTH than an average op operating with the K3LR  or W3LPL
antennas. Why?

KC1XX(WA1Z) x   4235 1175 36 15,297,325 YCCC

AJ3AA(N4YDU) x   3581 1016 36 7,993,888 PVRC


Thank you Rich for helping me making my point !


Mike VE9AA


Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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See, e.g., N4YDU this past weekend @AJ3AA.  Don't think there is a antenna there over 75 feet.


73 Rich NN3W 

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