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I'm fairly sure all FT1000mp's (original) manufactured up to middle to late
2004 have this problem (per Inrad). We were reminded of this, recently,
when one of our spare radios at the M/M was reported to be doing this. We
had failed to ensure all the radios had been modified years ago.
Considering how popular this radio was I imagine there are more than a few
running around that haven't been modified.

Inrad sells a kit of 0.047 uF ceramic cap, 100k resistor and 0.1 uF ceramic
cap with instructions on how to install them...for $15. Well worth it. I
ordered a couple this past February. It does require care in installation.
They are leaded parts but very small. You must either be very sure how
short to pre-cut the leads or with the added working length show care that
it doesn't short out somewhere. Or buy two kits if you're not an
accomplished solderer. I managed to break one lead on a cap. The shipping
is high enough already (at least to KH6).

They may also still have other mods for this radio. I didn't check.


73, Kimo Chun KH7U

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hi all,
the Yaesu FT-1000MP was famous for key clix. i had no idea until a friend
called on the phone to inform me about the problem. i believe that there is
a mod to correct this but i don't remember who came up with the mod.
possibly someone on this forum can direct us to the writer.
the FT-1000MP is a great radio and still used by many. if you own one of
these radios it may be prudent to check and see if you have a key click
good luck,larry? n7dd

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Think about this. If you conceal the rigs identity, how do readers know
which rigs to avoid. By concealing you are endorsing the faulty rigs.
Free Climbing - The ultimate test of strength and technique.
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I purposefully avoided naming the radios that I noticed had the clicks.?
I think people should discuss that off line.? I can only say I agree
with your comments, Jim.? This problem was mentioned again by Rob
Sherwood in a recent webinar, and it clearly needs attention by the
manufacturers.? I also noticed extreme clicks years ago with early Flex
models, but they quickly cleared that up.? Even setting the default to
6ms or more by the manufacturers would be a big help, since it seems
most people don't change that setting.?? Hot switching with older amps
with slow relays can be a major click problem, too.? Jim
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