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Fri Jun 5 10:33:47 EDT 2020

 Would sending "5NNK OH" be enough to catch their attention?  Just so you're not a DX station running 100 watts in ARRL DX   ;-)

Though this would mean working the guy. I remember deliberately not calling a clicking VE3 in WPX. Don't know if I may have worked him later on. 

73  -  Jim   K8MR

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Occasionally I warned some guys the have bad clicks. In most cases they
retort "I use first class radio, the fault is on your receiver." So I garee
radios (especially first class ones9 should be addresses for having bad

73, Mirko, S57AD

V V pet., 5. jun. 2020 ob 03:01 je oseba Randy Thompson <k5zd at outlook.com>

> I understand the reluctance to call out other people by name, but calling
> out radios is something that needs to happen. Only by shaming the
> manufacturers will we start to make this problem visible and support the
> clean radios over the dirty ones.
> The real problem with poor quality signals is that they are asymmetrical.
> I.e., the problem is bad for the neighbors, but good for the person with
> the bad signal (they get a clearer frequency).  There is no motivation for
> the bad guys to get better... unless we start calling them out on it.
> Randy K5ZD
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> I purposefully avoided naming the radios that I noticed had the clicks. I
> think people should discuss that off line.  I can only say I agree with
> your comments, Jim.  This problem was mentioned again by Rob Sherwood in a
> recent webinar, and it clearly needs attention by the manufacturers.  I
> also noticed extreme clicks years ago with early Flex models, but they
> quickly cleared that up.  Even setting the default to 6ms or more by the
> manufacturers would be a big help, since it seems most people don't change
> that setting.  Hot switching with older amps with slow relays can be a
> major click problem, too.  Jim

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