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Chris Plumblee chris.plumblee at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 13:14:52 EDT 2020

Hi Bob,

I don't believe that there are any adjustments in menu to fix the clicks on
a 1000MP or MkV. I can recommend WA4GEG to do the work on your radio; Byron
is the expert on the MP/MkV/MkV Field radios, and his prices are very
reasonable. However you'll have to send your radio off to him.

Many of the MPs and MkVs that have been around for a while have had the mod
performed if they were owned by a contester. The MP that I bought a few
years ago had it done. It's evidently not terribly difficult to do yourself
and there are kits available if you want to tackle it. I believe there's
one from Inrad and another endorsed by W8JI.

Take a look at the thread from cq-contest in 2001 at the link below. I
wasn't active when it was published but I think it was the beginning of the
public acknowledgement of key clicks. You'll see lots of MPs on the list as
they were a very popular radio at the time.


Chris W4WF

On Fri, Jun 5, 2020 at 12:07 PM robert wa1fcn <wa1fcn at charter.net> wrote:

>              GM
>          Other than sending radio out for a modification, does anyone
> know menu settings for a FT 1000mp Mark 5
>              that can help or at least lesson  key clicks ?
>                  BoB WA1FCN
> On 6/4/2020 9:51 PM, Larry via CQ-Contest wrote:
> > hi all,
> > the Yaesu FT-1000MP was famous for key clix. i had no idea until a
> friend called on the phone to inform me about the problem. i believe that
> there is a mod to correct this but i don't remember who came up with the
> mod. possibly someone on this forum can direct us to the writer.
> > the FT-1000MP is a great radio and still used by many. if you own one of
> these radios it may be prudent to check and see if you have a key click
> problem.
> > good luck,larry  n7dd
> >
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> > Hi,
> > Think about this. If you conceal the rigs identity, how do readers know
> > which rigs to avoid. By concealing you are endorsing the faulty rigs.
> > Doug
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> > I purposefully avoided naming the radios that I noticed had the clicks.
> > I think people should discuss that off line.  I can only say I agree
> > with your comments, Jim.  This problem was mentioned again by Rob
> > Sherwood in a recent webinar, and it clearly needs attention by the
> > manufacturers.  I also noticed extreme clicks years ago with early Flex
> > models, but they quickly cleared that up.  Even setting the default to
> > 6ms or more by the manufacturers would be a big help, since it seems
> > most people don't change that setting.   Hot switching with older amps
> > with slow relays can be a major click problem, too.  Jim
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