[CQ-Contest] What's your Opinion on 2BSIQ ?

Hans Brakob kzerohb at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 15:24:11 EDT 2020

If the playing field were truly level, we would each have exactly the same score at the end of the day.

The goal of every competitor ought to be, using operating skills and station engineering skills, to tilt the playing field to her/his advantage.  Superior skill, or inventive station construction (within the rules) should be encouraged, not marginalized in new category ghettos.

73, de Hans, KØHB
“Just a Boy and his Radio”™
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When someone invents a new, better way of doing something, do you:

A.  Become angry, jealous, feel that you are being treated unfairly, want to
segregate them into their own room or country or category so that you don't
look or feel inferior?

B.  Applaud what they have invented, learn new techniques, emulate their
success, invent new improvements of your own?

I am a member of the B group.  There are more than enough entry categories
and the contest rules are fine as they are.  Please don't be in the A group,
crying for a more level playing field because you get stomped by ops who do
the work to learn SO2R and 2BSIQ.  Use your energy to up your game instead
of whining about your failure to stay competitive.

73 and stay well,

Jim, W8WTS

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