[CQ-Contest] Key Clicks

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Fri Jun 5 22:32:38 EDT 2020

I have three FT1000MPs still.  They all have the key click mods. Key 
click mods were developed by Tom, W8JI and also, I think, by George, 
W2VJN.  W8JI himself did the mod on one of mine.   Still use one of the 
MPs as first back up to my TS590SG.  They are easier to operate and more 
fun to operate, but the CIV lines don't work anymore, so I usually use 
the TS590SG so I can have computer control.  73, John, K4BAI.

On 6/5/2020 8:46 PM, beaudoin wrote:
>         GA Larry
>             I wonder if there is less problem if the FT1000mp is used 
> in class  " A " mode.
>             BoB WA1FCN
> On 6/4/2020 9:51 PM, Larry via CQ-Contest wrote:
>> hi all,
>> the Yaesu FT-1000MP was famous for key clix. i had no idea until a 
>> friend called on the phone to inform me about the problem. i believe 
>> that there is a mod to correct this but i don't remember who came up 
>> with the mod. possibly someone on this forum can direct us to the 
>> writer.
>> the FT-1000MP is a great radio and still used by many. if you own one 
>> of these radios it may be prudent to check and see if you have a key 
>> click problem.
>> good luck,larry  n7dd
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>> Hi,
>> Think about this. If you conceal the rigs identity, how do readers know
>> which rigs to avoid. By concealing you are endorsing the faulty rigs.
>> Doug
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>> I purposefully avoided naming the radios that I noticed had the clicks.
>> I think people should discuss that off line.  I can only say I agree
>> with your comments, Jim.  This problem was mentioned again by Rob
>> Sherwood in a recent webinar, and it clearly needs attention by the
>> manufacturers.  I also noticed extreme clicks years ago with early Flex
>> models, but they quickly cleared that up.  Even setting the default to
>> 6ms or more by the manufacturers would be a big help, since it seems
>> most people don't change that setting.   Hot switching with older amps
>> with slow relays can be a major click problem, too.  Jim
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