[CQ-Contest] [cwops] WPX CW Signal Quality Concerns

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Hi John, 

Look up "key clicks" in the index of your ARRL Radio Amateur's 
Handbook or read George Grammer's excellent article in October 
1966 QST: 


or W8JI's article here: 



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For those of us who might not understand the issue, could you explain the problem with the key clicks, fast CW rise times, etc., please? 


John McVey, K4AFE 

On Jun 6, 2020 13:37, donovanf at starpower.net wrote: 

That's an excellent step forward Bud. There's no excuse for intentional 
key clicks but that's exactly the place where the Japanese manufacturers 
have intentionally put us in 2020. 

The current generation of Japanese transceivers are making key click 
problems much worse than before. Our only hope is that contest 
sponsors improve their rules and enforce them against contesters 
taking advantage of the fast CW rise time menu options in their radios. 

Manufacturers are completely irresponsible with their 4 millisecond 
default CW rise times and egregiously irresponsible with menus 
options that allow users to select 1 and 2 millisecond rise times. 

Kenwood and Yaesu provide completely unacceptable 1 and 2 
millisecond rise time menu options and Icom is almost as bad with 
their 2 millisecond menu option. 

Why are ARRL and the U.S. distributors not communicating with our 
Japanese equipment manufacturers about the problems they're causing 
and enabling? 


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I have received two (2) actionable complaints of signal quality issues 
during WPX CW, which are both under review. 

We will investigate additional signal quality concerns. Please provide the 
call to be reviewed, along with the date, time and band of the observed 
signal quality issue. 


Bud Trench, AA3B 

Director, CQ WPX Contest 

web: <https://cqwpx.com> https://cqwpx.com 

email: <mailto:director at cqwpx.com> director at cqwpx.com 

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