[CQ-Contest] FT8/FT4 duplicates in FD?

Jon Suehiro nn5t at attglobal.net
Fri Jun 12 13:45:55 EDT 2020

Phone QSO count as one credit, CW is one and all other Digital is one.  So if you work the station already on FT8, another call on FT4 is DUPE.


6.3. Field Day contacts are allowed using Phone, CW and Digital (non-CW) modes. Stations can be worked once per band per mode under this rule.

     6.4. All voice contacts are equivalent.

     6.5. All non-CW digital contacts are equivalent.

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Why are you worried about dupes? They don’t cost anything in scorekeeping. 

If someone calls you, it’s usually because you are not in their log. Maybe it was a busted call. It takes longer for you to inform them that you think it is a dupe and have them tell you that you are not in their log. Just log them and move on. It’s faster.

If your logger blocks dupes, turn on “allow dupes.” If you are doing S&P and do want to work dupes, you’ll still get the warning.

Stan, K4SBZ

"Real radio bounces off the sky."

> On Jun 11, 2020, at 6:37 PM, rayday at cox.net wrote:
> Hi all,
> Ray N6HE here.
> I've figured out to avoid same-band duplicates in the upcoming FD using
> WSJT-X, but I wonder how many others will do the same? 
> Unless you start a new WSJT-X log (which fixes this), stations worked in the
> past will show up as worked before, as well. 
> With many FD stations worked already and in your "contest log" (and
> therefore in your WSJT-X log, as well), nobody will know who's a dupe. I'm
> guessing there will be a lot of duplicates worked (and folks taking credit
> for the Q) with the operator none the wiser. Few will use a regular FD
> logging program real-time and enter data twice to see if they're a dupe.
> Your thoughts?
> 73
> Ray N6HE
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