[CQ-Contest] Logging quirks with WSJT-X

Bill Frede w7ii at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 16 10:25:27 EDT 2020

I experienced the same problem with the N1MM interface that you did.  After losing 3 QSOs in the heat of battle I figured out how to get information entered correctly.  The form that pops up requesting a correction from you needs the other station's grid entered in TWO places.  I don't remember the layout of that form exactly but there is one entry box near the top center and another one in the lower right.
I don't know if that form is generated by WSJT-X or N1MM.
Bill  W7ii

I used N1MM+ with the special version of WSJT-x and it behaved mostly OK, but I did notice one problem. If I was called by a station or there was a belated reply where his grid square didn't populate in the WSJT program, N1MM wouldn't let me log it. I had to write these down on paper,  and add them manually to the exported file. I let N1MM+ generate the Cabrillo file and added the missing Qs there. 

I don't think the integration is seamless, and message sequencing needs to be improved a bit but on the whole it was a mostly-painless event with N1MM+ and WSJT. What I do wish is that FT4 was more widely accepted. That is far better suited to contesting than FT8.

Peter, W2IRT


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I operated the ARRL VHF QSO party sporadically this past weekend.
I noticed some quirks in the logging process.  I was justusing the barebones WSJT-X 2.10 program, as I'm suremany casual FT-8 contesters might.
There appear to be 3 different logs kept within WSJT-X.There is the wsjtx.log file and the wsjtx_log.adi filewhich are used for all QSOs. There is also a .cbr filecreated when you use the contest mode under the Advancedtab for special operating activity.
These 3 logs do not agree!!!!!!!
I made 106 QSOs in total. Four of the QSOs in the wsjt.logfile were not in the .cbr file.  An additional three QSOswere in the  wsjtx_log.adi file that  were not in the wsjtx.log file.
Some of these problems appeared to occur when the otherham was not using the contest mode (this included a QSOwith a major HF MM player). I switched to the regularmode to complete the QSO, but logging that QSO did notenter it into the .cbr file.  I have no idea why therewere 3 QSOs in the wsjtx_log.adi file that did not makeit into the wsjtx.log file.
These problems occurred with both the FT8 and FT4 modes.
Since I find it easier and more natural to cut theprograms Cabrillo output for submission, that processalone could account for a 7 percent error rate ina supposedly error-proof QSO.
Terry N4TZ

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