Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Wed Jun 17 20:40:21 EDT 2020

Hi Jim and Dick,

As much as I enjoy the hang-out time at ham events, I and most of my 
friends are in the high risk group for the virus. Rachelle and I haven't 
been in a public place since the first week of March (although we do get 
out to walk several times a week in places where we can maintain social 
distance, and to pick up farm boxes).

I strongly support the recently announced decision by K6MM and KE1B to 
make the 2021 IDXCC an online Zoom event. NCCC has held four Zoom 
meetings beginning around March; the programs have been excellent and 
they have been quite popular. The first was online and in person, the 
others online only. Average attendance for the last three has been more 
than 75; rag chews start an hour before the meeting, and last for a 
couple of hours afterward.

73, Jim K9YC

On 6/17/2020 12:53 PM, Jim Neiger wrote:
> We will be hosting a "mini-Visalia", March 19,20, 21  2021 at the 
> Visalia Wyndham (our old Holiday Inn).   Emphasis will be on friends 
> getting together, with minimal structured events.  We'll have a catered 
> BBQ on Saturday 20th afternoon, and probably a mind altering hour 
> Saturday evening.  We're working with the hotel to get a break on 
> rates.  QRX. If anyone wants to make a DX or contesting pitch, we'll be 
> open to that.  Let us know, please.
> Pass the word to any and all who might want to attend.
> So we can get a tentative head-count, please send an email to 
> N6TJ at SBCGLOBAL.NET    Thanks
> 73,
> Dick Norton  N6AA     Jim Neiger  N6TJ
> Co-Chairmen
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