[CQ-Contest] All Asia contest submission

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For me, the error was for leaving the address fields blank. All okay now.


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Did you check your SPAM/Junk folder?  Comcast flagged their response to my log as Junk.


Mark, KD4D

On June 22, 2020 3:29:01 PM EDT, beaudoin <wa1fcn at charter.net> wrote:
>GA All
>                 Wow  thank you to so many people who responded 
>privately to my problem.
>                     First :  I never got a return message saying they 
>got it.
>                    The most info/help I receive was from Doc N7DR and 
>Larry K4AB    thank you.
>                     A local ham who also was  in AA
>                    told me to send my last E-Mailed  Cabrillo log to 
>him for a  look
>                     over it and see if anything appears  wrong.    I 
>think Doc's advice to wait a couple days
>                    to see if they are checking the sent log manually 
>then if not on received logs page  write to them.
>                     Once guys thanks........        73 BoB WA1FCN
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