[CQ-Contest] Russian Beats Out Canada for Magnetic North ... For Now

Tonno Vahk tonno.vahk at gmail.com
Wed May 6 15:17:19 EDT 2020

for me at KO38CS the declination is 9.43 degrees now and I have used 10 degrees for a while.

Though 20 years ago the declination was 6.57 degrees and 10 years ago 7.75 degrees. So it is climbing:)

100 years ago the declination was zero and we had no trouble of adding the coefficient to the compass reading:)


On 6. May 2020, at 20:10, Bob Shohet, KQ2M <kq2m at kq2m.com> wrote:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for posting that interesting article.

What effect, if any, does this have on beam headings through the Northern regions – like UA0, UA3, JA?
Does it change them at all?  If so, how and by what amount?

Tnx & 73

Bob, KQ2M

From: David Siddall 
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Russian Beats Out Canada for Magnetic North ... For Now

Good thing HF antennas generally have relatively wide beam width if you use
a compass to orient without correcting for deviation.

This also has a subtle effect on propagation paths through the polar areas,
depending upon your location.


73, Dave K3ZJ
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