[CQ-Contest] Last call for new RBN pattern file

N4ZR n4zr at comcast.net
Sat May 16 21:38:17 EDT 2020

As I wrote earlier, on about the 20th of this month I will be posting a 
new pattern file to be used by RBN nodes for WPX CW.  This contest 
always brings out the exotic prefixes, so if you're going to field a new 
one in WPX, let me know by the 20th (by direct e-mail) so it can be 

Why bother?  Prefixes not in the pattern file are not recognized as 
readily as ones that are - measured by the number of repetitions 
required before a station is spotted.  A callsign with a prefix not in 
the pattern file has to be repeated 4 times before it is recognized.

73, Pete N4ZR
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