[CQ-Contest] Key Clicks.... Continuing Problem

Jim McCook w6ya at cox.net
Thu Nov 12 12:23:14 EST 2020

Anyone who has been operating in CW contests is aware of the rampant key 
click problem we all must deal with.

If you are using a JA made radio, please check the CW rise time to be 
sure it's set to 8ms (unless 6ms is maximum... which needs to be 
changed).  Also check to be sure you're not hot switching your 
amplifier.  Key clicks in contests have become a serious problem and 
it's long overdue for resolution.  If you use an older JA radio without 
that adjustment, there may be a key click mod that will eliminate those 

There is a reported case of a radio set for 8ms being sent to the 
manufacturer for repair and was returned with a 4ms setting. Please 
check after such repair returns.

Elecraft and Flex users need not be concerned unless something is wrong 
with the radio.

73, Jim

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