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Yeap, LY5W call me about, and you are explaining it
better. And yeap, I can TX/RX QTC's with K5ZD,
JA1NHU, ZS4PB, CT1ILT, RT9S, VK4XC. Not with

Hey, Randy, look to SA friends too, hi hi hi!

All the best and see you all on the bands, guys & girls!

*12 Special Rules for RTTY*

In the RTTY portion of the WAEDC there are *no continental limits*;
everybody can work everybody.
Only *QTC traffic* must be performed between *different continents*.
*Every station* may send and receive QTCs.

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Em sex., 13 de nov. de 2020 às 11:44, Randy Thompson <k5zd at outlook.com>

> WAE RTTY is different and interesting because anyone can send or receive
> QTCs.  The only requirement is the station you ae exchanging with be on a
> different continent.  You can only send or receive up to  a total of 10
> with any station.
> RTTY is also different in that most people send the full 10 QTCs in one
> transmission.  There can be a lot of stress trying to get everything logged
> correctly if QRM or QSB wipes out some of the QTCs in the middle of the
> transmission.  You get good at telling the sending to repeat nr 5 or nr 8.
> Will be looking for our European friends this weekend.
> 73
> Randy K5ZD
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> Hi, good evening
> WAE Dx Contest RTTY is coming, and you can TX or RX 'QTC' with everybody
> (*not only EU*) for RTTY part.
> I wrote this note trying to have more people involved in QTC traffic. Even
> if you are not comfortable while receiving QTC, it's possible and easier to
> send them.
> Well, sorry to talk about and welcome to WAE RTTY, with or without QTC.
> 73 DX.
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