[CQ-Contest] Proposed rules for all contests

James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 13:13:25 EST 2020

PY2NY, you are absolutely right! Most of us diligently submit our logs to
the contest sponsor (and send our log to LotW, too). Of course, we have no
right to wish that casual ops do so; we are just glad they got on the air.

Maybe one more "rule" ...

VII  "Serious competitors will submit their report after the contest to the
3830 reflector and will make an enlightening comment or two."

A couple of things have always bothered me. A few really competitive
operators submit astronomical QSO info to 3830 but don't make even a token
comment. Something like what section they missed in SS is of great interest
to some of us. And there is the multi/op who just plugs into the Comments
some crap boiler plate about "It was wonderful to welcome our contest
friends for a weekend of celebration." Yep, celebration of
conspicuous consumption, as K8MR so aptly put it.

cain K1TN


"Don't forget rule "VI":
VI. Always send your log to the Contest Committee

I like your rules, Cain. Thanks!!" (PY2NY)

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