[CQ-Contest] SS rule confusion?

Ed K1EP k1ep.list at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 09:23:29 EST 2020

It seems that the ARRL has attempted to consolidate the three sets of rules
into a single rule set for each individual contest. I am looking at the
Precedence definition for SS. Under the website rules,  it states

*"U" for Any Single Operator Unlimited Power Category (High, Low, or QRP).*

In the PDF version of the rules,  it states

*"U" for Any Single Operator Unlimited, High Power or Single Operator
Unlimited, Low Power*

So, is there no QRP unlimited category or is there? In the subsequent
chart, there is a SOU QRP category.

Then it says,

*HCAT.2 Single Operator Unlimited (SOU)*
*   HCAT.2.1 Use of spotting assistance is permitted. Exception: spotting
information obtained from any source outside the station circle via a
closed or dedicated communication link may not be used. *

Does that preclude the use of packet clusters?

The Sweepstakes rules include such things as contacts above 300GHz. The
whole idea of the condensed PDF for a specific contest was to cut out the
superfluous stuff that had nothing to do with that contest.

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