[CQ-Contest] Doctor DX clone (if you never used it, you just don't "get it")

Steve London n2icarrl at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 13:59:25 EDT 2020

If someone wants a project to create a modern version of Doctor DX,
consider starting with the n2ic/MorseRunner repository on github. This is
the version currently in N1MM+.  It was created starting with the public
MorseRunner source from VE3NEA, which was then converted to Lazarus Pascal
(Ugh !), and then modified to include the 9A5K MorseRunner functionality
originally put in DXLog.net (many thanks to K1XM !).

Please don't ask me questions about it. I struggled with Pascal. For
starters, you need to educate yourself on Lazarus Pascal. I also am a
neophyte and struggle with github.

Steve, N2IC

On Thu, Oct 1, 2020 at 10:57 AM Tim Shoppa <tshoppa at gmail.com> wrote:

> N4ZR asks:
> > Does anyone know the identity of the programmer?? Seems that if source
> > code were available it should be possible to recompile for Windows
> > without too much difficulty.
> A little like suggesting building a Stradivarius is as simple as finding
> Mr. Stradivarius' CAD drawings and running it through a 3-D printer.
> Pete, this is a Commodore 64 and the source code is certainly 6502 Assembly
> directly bit-banging on the C64-specific peripherals.
> The fact that Dr DX achieved so much using stone knives and bear skins as
> the base technology makes it a more impressive marvel than a Stradivarius
> :-)
> Rich's original post where he mentions the possibility of a C64 emulator
> seems very promising. The paddle/keying would have to be a custom I/O mod
> to the C64 emulator but many are modular enough to add simple peripherals
> like this.
> C64's are quite commonly available used and the ROM dump Rich identified
> may allow a new cartridge to be burned. Presumably the paddle/keying is
> done the simplest way possible.
> Tim N3QE
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