[CQ-Contest] Remote operation by out of staters in state QSO parties

jpescatore at aol.com jpescatore at aol.com
Mon Oct 5 05:56:46 EDT 2020

This issue came up in the WV QSO party a few years ago, when the rules were changed to prohibit remote operation of in-state stations. A number of hams  who operate remotely, and some who have houses and stations in WV but don't live their year round, weighed in and convinced the rulemakers to allow remote operation. 
This is a much more common scenario in FL and I suppose these days ME, with all the remote stations that have gone up in ME.
To me, there are two issues: (1) at the state QSO party level, is there a problem with in-state stations being remotely opped; and (2) at the state QSO party challenge, should the cumulative scoring differentiate between in-state points earned by an in-state op vs. in-state points earned by an out of state op.
Personally, as someone who has frequently operated remotely, at the QSO party level if remote operating helps more in-state station be on the air during state QSO parties, I'm for allowing it. 
At the QSO party challenge level, unless all state QPs go the same way, the QSO challenge would have to do something if it wanted to level the field. Personally, I don't really care about the points in the SQP Challenge, but since the 3830 reporting already supports remote operation, it would be easy enough to differentiate the points in a standard way at that level.
73 John K3TN

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