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Steve London n2icarrl at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 15:09:14 EDT 2020

This is being reposted from a 2017 posting.

I know of a case from a few years ago where a single-op, operating
remotely, had an amplifier failure during the contest. The station host
swapped out the amplifier. This led to the operator having to reclassify
himself as multi-multi. Multi-single and Multi-2 could not be claimed,
because he violated their band change rules.

This might be a good one for the new ARRL CEO to tackle.

Steve, N2IC


Hi Barry,

While each contest sponsor has their own rule definitions, ARRL has used
published definition for Single-Operator for nearly 20 years:

        2.1.Single Operator: One person performs all transmitting,
and logging functions as well as equipment and antenna adjustments.

In ARRL contests, if a station host or other helpful person makes any
or antenna adjustments, whether locally or remotely, they cause the
category to become Multioperator.   Meals, refreshments, etc don't enter the
ARRL's definition of assistance.  Assistance is when as the operator you are
unable to perform equipment, rotor or antennas adjustments/maintenance and
must call upon someone else's help (that help if embraced changes your
operating category to a Multiop profile in the ARRL contests).

Thanks for participating!


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