[CQ-Contest] Headphones Replacement Ear pad UP-Date

Joe nss at mwt.net
Mon Feb 1 16:29:46 EST 2021

Remember I have a Heil Pro Set-4 headset that remember the odd ear pads, 
made them torture to wear for any length of time.
Many others E Mailed me directly saying the same thing. The speakers are 
fantastic. but you just can not wear them very long at all.

Remembering these waterbed like gel filled ones I had for a stereo in 
the 70's I went to see if i could find anything similar.

And I did, I bought a set of these.

I just installed them, and they are like Heaven! You don't feel 
anything! Honestly the only part of the headset I can feel on my head 
now it the top cross part you know the part that crosses across the top 
of your head?

The ear flappy parts are fully INSIDE the cushions. And the cushions are 
resting snugly against my skull.

They fit Perfectly as if they were made for the Pro Set-4.  Photos.

Here is the old pad removed from the headset,

Then the ring the pad attaches to laid against the new pad,

New Pad on it's ring.

And then both new pads on the headset. Notice the thickness difference 
against the old pad behind it,



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