[CQ-Contest] Running by the numbers

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Sat Jul 3 13:55:04 EDT 2021

I've been running by the numbers for years...when necessary.  I've done it  both in and out of contests.
from KH6 fluttery weak EU stations were an issue, as were big USA pileups.
Keys to success:
Only do it when your rate slows because you can't pull them out fast enough (especially in spotted pileups)
Stick to the number.  NEVER call someone with the wrong number.  You'll be sorry you did.
Go quickly through the numbers...maybe two or three for each to avoid getting the natives restless.
End with zeroes or nines.  The guys get pissed if you stop at five or six etc.
Back around 2009 a few guys and I decided to a 1E  from my station in KH6 using high power.  The pileups were as big as I've ever had and we were forced to go by the numbers.  Dozens of modest FD stations all sounded like an S-5 buzz.  We did the numbers for hours with that one.  However, one of the inexperienced guys broke the cardinal rule and started taking anybody while doing it by the numbers and all hell broke loose.
Bill  K4XS/KH7XS/V31XX

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