[CQ-Contest] Physics of 2 Keyboard SO2R

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Mon Jul 12 12:44:01 EDT 2021

This is just about KB size & placement, body movement, neck/shoulder pain,
not specifically "how do you do it" (if that makes sense)


I have 2 x 17.5" wide full size keyboards with a mini sized-mouse in between
(almost no room for it to move)

They are slightly slanted left/right in a flying vee formation to fit my
small desk. (instead of 100% in-line)

My tabletop is a little high at 32".

The seat of my chair is 22" to the uncompressed seatpad.

I am about 5'7" tall (and 57 yrs old) with the typical middle age spread


I don't practice 2KB SO2R so only use it a few times a year, as I don't do
2BSIQ SO2R (run/run) in every contest.

Some contests I might run on one keyboard and S&P on the second in a very
minor way.  The physical problem seems to come when I do 2BSIQ run/run.  In
IARU this weekend, Cabstats told me I made 363 bandchanges, so I don't know
if that means I twisted 726 times or what (or even more due to unanswered
CQ's).  At times I had to stop the 2nd radio as I was in too much pain.(hi)


Sooooo, how do you get around neck shoulder pain from the constant twisting?


I tend to swivel my chair a little help reduce it(and my
legs/hips/stomach/core are fine), but even after a few hours I find I have a
stabbing pain in my shoulder blades & neck.


Is my tabletop too high? (probably..I put wheels on my huge shack desk after
I had everything planned & built some 17 yrs ago and now think that was a


My chair is as high as it'll go.


I don't really want to go to mini keyboards as I am a hunt n' peck typist
and I see everything fairly well as it is.


How do you guys do 2KB SO2R and avoid pain?




Mike VE9AA "5NN N" this past weekend

(tnx for all the Q's !)



Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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