[CQ-Contest] RTTY fun this Saturday July 17 in the NAQP RTTY Contest!

K6UFO Mark Aaker k6ufo at arrl.net
Tue Jul 13 13:40:23 EDT 2021

 There will be RTTY on the bands (10m to 80m) this Saturday as 
operators exchange a Name and State (or Province or Country). 
Party-time is Saturday 1800 UTC to Sunday 0600 UTC.  
Single-ops operate 10 of the 12 hours, so you'll have time for a 
meal and a break on Saturday, and still have Sunday free for your 
other weekend activities. Multi-ops can operate all 12 hours.

Find the Rules, Team Registration, Past Results and Records at the 
National Contest Journal website: <http://ncjweb.com/> http://ncjweb.com/ 
Any group of friends can form a NAQP Team of two to five 
single-operators. Register your Team before the contest at the 
"Team Registration" link:  <http://ncjweb.com/rttynaqpteamreg/>
RTTY Practice is available on Thursday and Friday nights: 

Thursday night is the regular Thursday night RTTY NS Sprint.
This follows the North American Sprint exchanges and rules. 
Friday 0145 UTC, Thursday 9:45PM EDT, 6:45PM PDT, for 30 minutes. 
See: <http://ncccsprint.com/rttyns.html> http://ncccsprint.com/rttyns.html 
Friday night is for NAQP RTTY Practice. 
Saturday 0200 UTC, Friday 10PM EST, 7PM PST, for 30 minutes. 
Call "CQ NA" and practice your NAQP exchanges and logging. 
Frequencies: 14084, 7084, and 3584 kHz and up. 
Then, NAQP RTTY starts Saturday morning, 1800 UTC.  
I welcome any photos and stories of your operation, they make the results 
more interesting. Look for our college and youth stations warming up for 
the YOTA contest on Sunday.

Mark Aaker K6UFO 
NAQP RTTY Contest Manager 
k6ufo at arrl dot net 

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