[CQ-Contest] Remote operation into the USA

ko7ss at yahoo.com ko7ss at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 15 00:23:36 EDT 2021

N1UR wrote:

"I continue to see postings of scores by a ham outside the US operating a US based remote site.  The hams do not have their own US callsign and "borrow" someone else's callsign from the US.  I am pretty sure this is an illegal operation in the US.  Am I missing something?  Its happening pretty much every contest now"

It would be easier to opine on this situation that is bothering you if you were to post up the callsigns in question, in public, on this reflector. There may be aspects of the details you do not know.

73, Bill KO7SS / 9A5SSS / ZF2SS

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