[CQ-Contest] Funny/strange things heard in 'WPX

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One station..a SV1something insisted his call was SV1something/QRP and every
time I went back to just the base callsign (let's call him SV1XXX but I just
made that up) he would not give me a serial #.....This happened 3 or 4 times
until I said something like "NO, just SV1XXX" and then sent him the report
again. Over and over he sent /QRP, /QRP, then SV1XXX/QRP.  He came back a
few times every 5 minutes, until he just didn't.  Was I being a jerk?  Yeah,
maybe, but I will never, ever perpetuate the sending of CALLSIGN/QRP in a
contest.  "/QRP" is not your call and I won't help keep that trend going.
During the week, sure. During a contest, no.  My loss? Maybe.

I worked the same guy, and had just as much trouble getting his call out from around the "/QRP"

I worked one guy.I forget his exact call.but something like
AH2M/WN6..wouldn't it have just been easier to send "AH2M"?  Doesn't
AH2M/WN6 translate to simply a AH6 for a prefix? (Hardly seems worth it)

The WPX rules require one to have a callsign matching his DXCC country. Otherwise scoring issues - 1 point vs 3 points - arise.  Since AH2 is not in the USA, he had to send something. I don't think his "/**#"  needed to match his USA call area, however.

Thanks for all the QSOs with me, hiding out in the Witness Protection program as NO8DX.  (Does the "WP" in "WPX" stand for "Witness Protection"? )

73  -  Jim   K8MR 

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