[CQ-Contest] You gotta let me know, should M/M Distributed stay or go.

Jeff Clarke ku8e at ku8e.com
Wed Jun 2 11:01:34 EDT 2021

With all due respect I don't know why CQ allowed this category in the 
first place. IMO it was used to promote and get publicity for a remote 
ham radio company. The owner of that company will argue that "I'm giving 
youth contesters a chance to operate at big contest stations. I will 
counter your argument that your company has 41 stations ( Remote DX - 13 
, Premium DX - 25 stations and Youth - 3 stations) available to be 
operated remotely. The WW1X operation only had three youth operators on 
it's team. You could've let them operate as a single-op at one of your 
other big station. I don't really see what allowing multiple stations in 
zone 5, which stretches from ME to FL and has vastly different 
propagation proves.

I think a remote operate like how ND7K and NR6O and others do it (every 
remotes to one station) are here to stay. I think that's a good thing 
because there's some technology involved to pull off an operation like 
this.  I remember when I was younger and operated at some Multi-Multi's 
the station owners family or wife would usually go away for the weekend 
because their house was invaded by all these strangers. With a remote 
operation to one station you don't have to deal with that anymore.

To those who did MM distributed congratulations you figured out the 
technology to do it. Please CQ move on from this because you have much 
bigger issues to address such as assisted vs non-assisted and other stuff.


On 6/2/2021 03:05 AM, Stephen Bloom wrote:
> We're now a few days past what is likely the last COVID affected contest.  What do y'all think should or will happen with M/M Distributed.  Designated as a one time COVID exception, I can see this as the major confrontation between the pro and anti RHR camps.  Thoughts?73Steve KL7SB
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