[CQ-Contest] You gotta let me know, should M/M Distributed stay or go.

Michael Adams mda at n1en.org
Wed Jun 2 23:17:57 EDT 2021

My vote is: If it increases the fun, do it.

While I understand the logic of the argument "it reduces the number of available stations to work", that argument relies on the assumption that participants in a M/MD operation would have been on the air at least as much as discrete stations than they are as contributors to their M/MD efforts.

I am skeptical of that assumption.

Personally, I know that my butt-in-chair time is increased when "contributing to club score" is my objective.  I assume that at least some M/MD operators would have an analogous sentiment in such operations.  And if I'm not mistaken, in the case of WW1X operators were active when they might not otherwise have been.

It might be interesting after a post-pandemic contest that permits M/MD to survey participants at such operations and/or compare their participation levels to prior runnings of that contests.  That might shed more objective insight as to whether the class increases or decreases the aggregate Q total (and thus whether fun is increased or decreased).

Michael Adams | mda at n1en.org

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