[CQ-Contest] You gotta let me know, should M/M Distributed stay or go.

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This is a nice idea but I think teams should be allowed to either use a single call or individual calls.  One or the other in any given contest.  

And I fail to see how the M/M Distributed category can have a noticeable effect on the number of stations that can be worked.  The sky is not falling.

Beyond that, I'd like to see the old CQ-WW free-style category reinstated.  I can't remember what it was called.  It was terminated before it had a chance to get established. And it might have been a bit ahead of its time.  Bring it back.

Of course, people could establish their own rules and teams and publish their own results, like the Unassisted WPX folks are doing.  Maybe that will serve as a useful precedent.   I'm surprised third parties don't form their own OVERLAYs for the major contests.  Something interesting to fight the sclerosis.  

In any case, we need new ideas and new blood.  

Ken, AB1J

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Perhaps it's worth another try at offering a solution....this battle has 
become the 100 Years War.

Instead of "Multi" classifications, consider treating entries involving 
more than one operator as a "Team".

In a Team entrant, each operator signs his or her own callsign for all 
Qs.  The Team score is computed by adding up all the scores of the 
members of the Team.  Basically use the same rules as before, but 
require each operator to use his or her personal callsign as a member of 
the Team.

This would likely make more Qs available to other contesters.  More 
callsigns on the air.  It would also probably be more fun and 
challenging for the Team operators.  Each of them gets to collect their 
own mults et al, and not be as likely to experience endless CQing as the 
contest progresses and the Team "station" has been worked by most everybody.

So M/M Distributed would simply be a Distributed Team entrant.  Teams 
could use their creativity to organize and use Teamwork.  Perhaps they 
coordinate to help other members score.  And there would be more 
callsigns available for others to work.

73 de Jack K3FIV
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