[CQ-Contest] You gotta let me know, should M/M Distributed stay or g

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
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Why Peter? 

 The very short recent youtube video I saw of a M/M-D demonstration I
believe the narrator
said something like "we currently have 3 stations on 20 meters".
It wasn't clear (to me) if they were all running, one was running, two were
running and if lockouts were


"...4. Multi-Transmitter Distributed (MULTI-DISTRIBUTED): A maximum of six
transmitted signals, one per band at any one time, from stations in
different locations. All equipment (transmitters, receivers, amplifiers,
antennas, etc.) must be located in same DXCC entity and CQ Zone, including
remotely controlled equipment. Six bands may be activated simultaneously.
Use a separate serial number sequence for each band. Total output power of
each transmitted signal must not exceed 1500 watts. The Cabrillo log header
must include the following lines: CATEGORY-OPERATOR: MULTI-OP,
CATEGORY-STATION: DISTRIBUTED. Rules X.E, X.F and X.G do not apply to this

If they have one running station, they can have 2 or 3 mult hunters w/o
impacting on the runner.( or anyone else, incl me)
HOWEVER, they could potentially have 2 or even 3 runners......remember the
Caribbean station who did this until they were told they couldn't?

My concern, since I am not a M/M or even operate at one....is band real
estate...that's all.

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Why, they are all on the same calling frequency when on 20m.
When a multiplier station calls a station they are on his frequency.


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My concern, which seems not to be anyone elses (at least not yet), is
multiple stations on (say) 20m using a single callsign eating

up band real estate.

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