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Hi Jeff,

It doesn't answer to the Mike's question...
Read again ;-)

73 de Dimitri F4DSK

Le 4 juin 2021 à 22:08, à 22:08, Jeff Clarke <ku8e at ku8e.com> a écrit:
>For many years most of the serious multi-ops have multiple stations on 
>the same band. Only one of the stations is calling CQ but the others
>tuning or grabbing spots. Plus they have stations on the other bands as
>well. The guys in eastern Europe and Russia  are very good at this. Why
>do you think the top Multi-Single stations in CQWW have 10-15
>I'm sure they're not sitting around waiting to operate. I really think 
>this defeats the spirit of what Multi-Single should be. The only reason
>we've pulled of some wins in CQWW DX CW at PJ4A is because we're
>3 points for just about every contact vs the 1 point the big M/S 
>stations in EU get for working other EU stations. Download one of the 
>public logs one time. You will see they are working mostly other EU 
>stations with a sprinkling of NA and AS stations. It's the same for the
>guys that go to the northern AF countries like EA8, CN8, CT3 etc...
>times they also have more QSO's and multipliers than what we have.
>On 6/4/2021 10:10 AM, Mike Smith VE9AA wrote:
>> Why Peter?
>>   The very short recent youtube video I saw of a M/M-D demonstration
>> believe the narrator
>> said something like "we currently have 3 stations on 20 meters".
>> It wasn't clear (to me) if they were all running, one was running,
>two were
>> running and if lockouts were
>> employed.
>> From:
>> https://cqwpx.com/rules.htm
>> "...4. Multi-Transmitter Distributed (MULTI-DISTRIBUTED): A maximum
>of six
>> transmitted signals, one per band at any one time, from stations in
>> different locations. All equipment (transmitters, receivers,
>> antennas, etc.) must be located in same DXCC entity and CQ Zone,
>> remotely controlled equipment. Six bands may be activated
>> Use a separate serial number sequence for each band. Total output
>power of
>> each transmitted signal must not exceed 1500 watts. The Cabrillo log
>> must include the following lines: CATEGORY-OPERATOR: MULTI-OP,
>> CATEGORY-STATION: DISTRIBUTED. Rules X.E, X.F and X.G do not apply to
>> category...."
>> If they have one running station, they can have 2 or 3 mult hunters
>> impacting on the runner.( or anyone else, incl me)
>> HOWEVER, they could potentially have 2 or even 3
>runners......remember the
>> Caribbean station who did this until they were told they couldn't?
>> My concern, since I am not a M/M or even operate at one....is band
>> estate...that's all.
>> VE9AA
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>> Why, they are all on the same calling frequency when on 20m.
>> When a multiplier station calls a station they are on his frequency.
>> 73
>> Peter
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>> My concern, which seems not to be anyone elses (at least not yet), is
>> multiple stations on (say) 20m using a single callsign eating
>> up band real estate.
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