[CQ-Contest] Contesting and the FT8 Revolution

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Maybe, maybe not.  Lots of FT8 folks don't know CW.  A few will learn it, most won't.  If FT8 works well for DXing, there's no point in changing anything.  Some will limp along on CW with the RBN and code readers. 

More will likely move to SSB, but those with small stations that worked well on FT8 will find they won't do so well DXing on SSB, so they might contest and ragchew on SSB and DX on FT8. 

I'd like to see FT8 people moving to RTTY for contesting.  FT8 stations already have the basics for RTTY.  But for DXing, RTTY is history. 

One thing that might move some off FT8 generally is boredom.  Besides DXCC, there are other awards to chase and competitions to engage in.  But eventually, FT8 can become the same-old, same-old.  The inflexibility can be problematic.  At that point some may find other modes exciting. 

Ken, AB1J

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In a few years when solar conditions improve and the higher band's become active again a lot of hams will switch to CW and SSB.  FT8 fade away for a period until the next solar low point.
Chuck K9LC

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