[CQ-Contest] Rigs, & Filters, at Field Day

Joe nss at mwt.net
Mon Jun 28 10:00:07 EDT 2021

Our Field Day effort turned from a planned on being a super competitive 
5A effort, Where we would try to optimize everything from the Rigs used 
to placement of antennas and stations.

But a month before FD all good plans go to wherever, and just a week ago 
it looked like we were not to have any type of Field Day at all.  But a 
group of four pulled it out from the dead heap and salvaged it for us.  
But things were very very different from any other FD we have ever done 

For one we typically would space the stations apart as far as possible 
and still be legal.

Not this year, this year all three stations operated from the back of a 
"Straight Truck"

So it was more like a M/M in someones Basement. The stations were 
literally less than 2 yards apart from each other.

And the antennas were not a lot better a 40 Meter OCFD,  a Fan 80-10 fan 
dipole,, and a small wolf river coil setup.

All also very close to each other even crossing over each other at one 

Many here probably remember a discussion  had here about best radios for 
FD and what to avoid.
And here many many said to avoid the IC-7300 because of it's Phase noise.

Sadly for this group that was not an Option, so we had 2 of the 7300's 
and a Yaesu FT-891.

Now in past years we had several 7300's and really wasn't a problem, but 
again stations were as far apart and antennas as legal would allow.
But not this year.

The club from past years have collected a complete set of these filters 
80 thru 10

And in the past they seemed to help.  But this year WOW!!! if it was not 
for them, I don't think we could have done anything other than a 1A 

20, and 15 were up and running at the start of the contest. one 7300 on 
20 and the yeasu on 15, both already had their respective filters in-line.

Then the other 7300 was ready to start up on 40 meters, but forgot about 
the filter. WOW!!! Just keying the PTT and a white noise has would 
totally wipe out 20 and 15 stations, completely Gone> I never looked at 
the S meter, but it was extremely strong. So strong it was impossible 
for them to hear any signals.

We gave him the 40 filter, all thinking we hope it helps or we are screwed.

I could not imagine the difference!!!! There was zero trace of any 
interference now even when he was running full power! NOTHING!!!!

Those filters are amazing!!!


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