[CQ-Contest] Typing in A Contest....

Joe nss at mwt.net
Sat Apr 2 09:12:04 EDT 2022

Getting the calls and exchanges into the logger quickly.

My speed QSO rate in a contest is totally limited by my lack of typing 
skills now.
In my head I can easily do 40 WPM, But my typing skills are lucky to be 
15 WPM!
Of course Phone, is Phone, But even in CW, I know for sure my typing 
ability is my speed limit.
I use both hands, and am a one or sometimes two finger and thumbs for 
the space-bar typer.
And I know it is slowing me down.
So, I finally made the decision to learn,, well practice how to "Touch 
Type" again.
In high school I took a typing class. 1972. Easy credit. So I know the 
basics like the "Home Row" Etc.

And I found an Online typing ummm like class.
This one

But I noticed a major problem. My old abused and messed up arms and hands.
Arthritis, and just plain old being old, fat, and stiff!
Right now, I have a typical keyboard like this.


BUT the arms and hands, UG!  I am well, lets say much wider than I was 
in high school.
I only weighed 120 pounds in high school.

Needless to say my elbow's when at my sides are much much further apart 
now days,
thus causing the arms to be more or less at like 45 degree angles 
towards the keyboard.

Then the wrists have to bend at another 45 deg angle to get even with 
the home row again.
Like this.


Except mine are even worse angled because my elbows are even wider apart.
Imagine a T-Rex trying to type! My arms approaching the keyboard are 
even more than 45 degrees,
So the wrists now to get aligned with the keys have to be very bent.

Not very comfy! Almost not even physically possible honestly.
And for sure won't be good for long duration typing like in a contest.

I wonder if one of these like bent keyboards would be worthwhile?


Or take it to the extreme! I just discovered keyboards that are in two 
These I can adjust to match my hands to any amount!



Has anyone tried any of these bent or split keyboards?


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