[CQ-Contest] Searching for KLM 3 inch boom section

Randall K Martin rkmassoc at comcast.net
Sat Apr 2 15:25:27 EDT 2022

I recently acquired a second KLM 15 meter monobander that I want to 
stack with one I already have in the air. I started to assemble it today 
and found that the boom was four feet short! Should be 36 feet long, but 
it is only 32 feet long.

The boom consists of 4 connecting pieces of 3 inch OD aluminum. Using a 
micrometer, I measure the wall thickness to be 0.083 inches. Three 
pieces are swaged on one end to fit into the next tube.

Before I try to purchase a new four foot long piece and a short insert 
to extend what I have, I was wondering if anyone has any 3 inch swaged 
KLM boom pieces in their junk pile they would part with.

Please contact me directly.

73 Randy K0EU
rkmassoc at comcast.net

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