[CQ-Contest] half hour NS RTTY Sprint contest this Thursday, 14 April in North America - surprise station will be QRV this week!

Ed Radlo eddrad at aol.com
Tue Apr 12 14:29:21 EDT 2022

To all Diddlers and Padiddlers:

Before I tell you who the surprise station will be this week, let me express from all of us our great appreciation to Ken K6MR for having managed this weekly NS RTTY Sprint Contest in such a fine manner for so many years.  We hope to see him on the air as much as he is able to get on.  When he can't make it on the air, we will miss his strong signal and his adroit operating.

Now, who is the surprise station going to be this week?  The surprise station is YOU!   You who enjoys RTTY, but hasn’t tried this weekly half hour fun fest yet.  The rates are about 75% as high as the frenetic rates in our sister contest, the weekly CW NS Sprints.  Because of the lower participation in RTTY than for CW, we have the rule that you can work for credit the same station on the same band more than once, as long as you make one intervening QSO between contacts with that same station.  Now, you say, isn’t that boring?  NO, because of our other rule that says you have to QSY at least one KHz after making a QSO that you have solicited.  That's the same as in the Big (NCJ) Sprints, except the QSY must be at least 1 KHz rather than 5 KHz.  As a result of this combination of rules, this contest very fun and challenging, as those who have tried it will attest. 
Remember to try 15 meters at the beginning of this Thursday night's contest -- it's been open!
Also, please submit you score to 3830 at the end of the contest!
The details of the next NS RTTY:


Friday,  15 Apr 2022, 0145Z to 0215Z (Thursday, 14 Apr 2022 in NA)
-- 1845 to 1915 PDT
-- 2145 to 2215 EDT
-- (others in-between those two)
-- 160: Try 1804, 1805, 1806  (Last two to five minutes seem to be popular…)
-- 80/40/20/15 +84 kHz up from the band edge
-- Same band dupes OK after one intervening QSO
-- 1 kHz QSY rule, otherwise standard Sprint rules
-- Mults are counted per band.
-- 100W power limit

Please visit https://www.ncccsprint.com/rttyns.html for complete rules and links to other info. If you find any problems with the Web pages, please let me know so we can get them fixed.

If you would like to receive all the latest info about NS (both CW and RTTY), as well as a have a place for comments and questions, sign up for the NS mailing list:  https://groups.io/g/nccc-blue

Contestonlinescore.com has a slot set up for us if you’d like to make sure your logger is talking to the world.  Select NCCC NA RTTY Sprint.

Report scores to 3830scores.com, and join us at 0300Z on 3610 kHz (+/- a few for ongoing groups) for comments and questions (and dinner menus).

Don’t forget to check out RTTYops Weekday and Weekend Sprints.  Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday (in NA) for you hopelessly addicted Sprinters. 


Ed  AJ6V




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