[CQ-Contest] Michigan QSO Party

hg chapoton hgchapoton at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 11:24:06 EDT 2022

The MiQP is this weekend, starting at 16z Saturday and running for 12 hours.
Rules are at:  https://miqp.org/index.php/rules/

There are several changes in the rules this year.  There should be a new
definition file available for your logger.

Of particular note:
 - The exchange has changed.  It is now (RST QTH).  previously it was (sn
 - Assistance is allowed for all categories.  Previously a single
op/assisted entry would be a multi-single, that has been changed.  There is
no separate assisted category.

Other changes affect mostly in-state stations:  only one mobile (no
mobile/multi op) and a rover category has been added.

Hope to see you all.  Should be good activity.


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