[CQ-Contest] 2022 FQP Almanac!! Out-of-State Ops info + FL WX/Road/Love Bug Report

Christopher Blake cqdenx4n at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 05:04:17 EDT 2022

*Hello FQP Friendly Fun-seekers,*

*This is your **2022 Silver Anniversary Florida QSO Party Almanac* *for our
Out-of-State partners and FL Fixed and Mobile/Expedition stations.*

*(Frank K4EJ will provide a propagation report separately - tnx Frank! -
but last week has been terrific)*

*FL Ops - Final Reminder:*

*Please register your Fixed, Mobile and Expedition county activations for
each day; the forms can be found at **https://floridaqsoparty.org/counties/

*The deadline is 0000z EDT Friday to ensure NO5W and K0RC super-duper
county tracking tools will include your operations.*

*Please note- folks across all continents use these tools, so be sure your
county activation is included.*

*Out-of-State Ops:*

You have many ways of having fun in the FQP that will keep you glued to the

A)  Enjoy all the bands *full* of FL stations; with 15m now open and
occasional 10m openings as well, there will always be wildly open band(s)
for you to hunt for us here in the Sunshine State.  Stations big and small
alike will enjoy the fun.  We have scores of registered stations and *many*
more not registered making Florida radio-active this weekend.

B)  Go for a *County Sweep*!  All 67 counties will be active; we will have
*300+* county activations by our Fixed, Expedition and Mobile ops!  Every
county will be activated no less than three times.  But you have to be in
the right place at the right time - BIC time does make a difference.


In honor of the 25th FQP Anniversary, we will have a total of *25 special
1x1 stations below*, with one suffix for (nearly) each letter of the
alphabet.   There will be 21 stations on cw and 21 stations on phone.  Pick
a mode and contact all 21 for a handsome printable certificate with cw or
phone endorsement.  For an even tougher challenge, go Mixed mode (cw and
phone) and contact all 25 of these 1x1 stations to earn the Mixed Mode
endorsement. All entrants can earn a Mixed endorsement – *read the FQP
Homepage <https://floridaqsoparty.org/> for details.*

The calls will be N4*A*, N4*B,…,*N4*Y and *N4*Z*, *but will *not* include
N4X (FCC regulation*).

These stations will be very accessible. QSL these 1x1 calls active in FQP
via KU9C direct or via LogBook of The World (LoTW).

D)  Compete for a plaque or earn a certificate:

We perennially offer nearly 50 plaques, with more than two dozen for
stations outside FL.  We also have printable certificates and the Worked
all Florida Award (tnx manager Charlie NF4A!).  See the Awards tab and
pull-down menu on the FQP website for details.

E)  *Way-Cool Tools* to maximize your fun and awards!

We suggest you use the following Super-Duper FQP tools to earn the Sweep:

   - *Bob K0RC* provides a very detailed tracking analysis spreadsheet tool
   help you really fine tune when and who to look for to get those counties in
   your logs...Fixed, Expedition and Mobiles all listed with tons of cool
   analyses.  Spend some time here; *it's worth it*.  Tnx Bob!
   - *Chuck NO5W* provides a fabulous *website*
   <https://www.no5w.com/FQP_AnnouncedPlans.html> with higher level station
   listings and visual maps of our FQP county activity.  Take some time to
   explore - if you want to get the overview of County activation each day
   this is a mighty FB site.  Be sure to click on the Counties Available links
   at the top for each day. *Outstanding* - Tnx Chuck!
   - *For Assisted stations use only*:  *Chip, N3IW* has kindly provided a
   new *FQP Spotting Website* <http://qsopartyhub.com/fqp-spots.php>.
   Please remember that FQP Rules do *not allow* self-spotting or asking to be
   spotted; the only exceptions to this rule are the 25 1x1 FQP Spelling Bee
   stations, who can self-spot.
   - A list of printable CW County Abbreviations is located *here

F)  Be kind and encourage our many new Florida Ops - pay it forward with
patience, guidance and QRS.


*Some passing isolated rain - but generally Just Beautiful!  *

*Partly sunny and 10-35% chance of scattered rain across *all* of Florida
from Pensacola, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, Sarasota, Naples,
Palm Beach, Miami to Key West.  You may get some rain but all day rain is
very unlikely anywhere.*

   - *Lows from mid-60's (north) to mid-70's (south)*
   - *Highs from low-80's (north) to high-80's to 90 (Naples, inland areas
   like Sebring and Gainesville)*
   - *Mild 10-15mph breeze everywhere to keep us cool- nice.*

*Very rare that the entire state will have such generally decent weather -


*MOBILES and EXPEDITIONS:   *The FQP Almanac is predicting *EXCELLENT to
   GOOD *road conditions.  Some construction areas and isolated small
   pockets of rain will be signs to slow down and keep your eyes/ears open.
   Please watch those low overhanging obstacles and be careful out
there -  *safety
   - Refueling stops for cars/ops should be quick and easy due to pleasant
   temperatures. PRICES are another matter (ouch!). Reported gas prices can be
   found here <https://www.gasbuddy.com/gasprices/florida> for most Florida
   *Please report the highest priced regular gas you see in your soapbox.*
   - Be sure to check the Waffle Houses for the KN4Y(sk) Pancakes & Ham
   Special.  We salute you, old FQP friend Ed- dit dit.

   - Before you hit the road, be sure to check out the “QRQ Police
   <https://www.speedtrap.org/florida/>“ listings beyond the usual places
   we all know...


No heavy sightings reported but it’s really just luck if you avoid them
this time of year.  According to Dr. Norman Leppla, a professor of
entomology and nematology at the University of Florida, the *frequency and
amount of rainfall* is likely a factor in determining the amount of
lovebugs each season.  A lack of rain this year has led to a very very
light lovebug season to date.  That said, take steps to be ready:

Road Warriors, please remember to fill your windshield wiper fluid and
bring a spare bottle.  If you run out then a regular Soda will work in a
pinch but should be washed off with water.
Consider a front grill protector or spread a thin film of oil cooking spray
or baby oil on your car's front facing features (grill, roof, side mirrors,
etc.) and wash off bugs asap.

   - Lou KE1F reports his XYL uses "Bounce" type dryer sheets to
   effectively remove the critters.
   - Jan K4QD reports McGuire’s Marine and RV wax on the front shell as
   more industrial prevention.

Going dark soon to finish the K4OJ/m installation - see you on the air.

Tnx and Enjoy the Party!

*FQP - So Bright, you gotta wear Shades! *


*Chris, NX4N*

*FQP Fully Fallible Forecaster*

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