[CQ-Contest] A VE operating a US stn remotely?

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Mon Aug 1 10:58:21 EDT 2022

If I am a single op (or maybe even part of a multi-op) and the owner/control
op is at their property, am I legally allowed to operate it, remotely over
the internet?

Let's say the station is in W9 and I am in NB, Canada.  I have no US ham

If this is allowed, and I'm single op can I use their home callsign? ie:
W9XXXX or would it have to be VE9AA/W9
(I presume if this is allowed and I am part of a multiop, we'd just use the
W9XXXX call.


Mike VE9AA

Mike, Coreen & Corey
Keswick Ridge, NB

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