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James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 10:19:30 EDT 2022

Kevin: Thank you! I have worldradiohistory.com bookmarked and have used it.
In fact, in one very important way it's much better than the ARRL archives;
worldradiohistory has complete issues, every page, cover-to-cover. You can
load and then read an entire issue like that. And the WRH page scans are a
lot cleaner in most cases. Thanks for reminding me of this resource.

The ARRL QST archives do provide a search function that can work if you
have a fair idea of what you are looking for (e.g. a word or words that
appear in the article title).

CQ magazine archives are available, too, for a subscription, at CQ Magazine
Archives (hamcall.net) <https://hamcall.net/cq>. A working historian would
certainly need them. For contesters, the CQ WW DX contest articles are
available at yet another web site, CQ Magazine Archives (hamcall.net)
<https://hamcall.net/cq> .

hamcall.net has 73 magazine archives, too, although it is limited. Whew, an
embarrassment of riches.

A lot of people worked to make all these resources available and they
deserve a big tip of the hat. When I researched a book in 2001/2002 NONE of
these resources existed. Turns out that the internet is useful for more
than cute cat photos after all.

cain K1TN


K1TN wrote "I forgot to mention previously that you must be a current ARRL
member to
access QST archives. Here's how to get the story:"

Or you can get it without being a member from the great website
ofworldradiohistory.com . Here's a link to older QST's in which the
1938 issue is included. https://worldradiohistory.com/QST.htm

You're right, Cain. An exceptional tribute to an exceptional man.

Kevan N4XL

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