[CQ-Contest] A somber QSO

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I, too, worked W4KFC.  I was in the middle of a run on 20 when I saw the
spot for W4KFC on 80.  Like a moth to the flame, I stopped the run and went
to 80 to work KFC.  Growing up in contesting, Vic was my idol.  I had the
great pleasure of meeting him several times and even visiting his home.  I
was blown away at how simple his station and antenna system was.  The one
scary thing was his home brew amplifier was a single band affair so to
change bands he had to turn the plate off, yank the coil and plug in a new
one.  If he made a mistake in the middle of the night and didn't turn the
plate off, I don't want to think of what might have happened.

If Buddy, W4YE, had been signing he call, the fist would have really sounded
like Vic.  

Pete Chamalian, W1RM
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I spent a few minutes in the NAQP-CW yesterday. My last QSO was with W4KFC,
Vic Clark's old call, now a club call in his memory, giving out the name
Vic. Vic was a hero of mine back in the day and I can still recall my
sadness at his untimely passing. We had many QSOs.

This QSO with W4KFC went slightly differently than I expected, some little
twist at the end which made me think I actually worked Vic. Maybe I just
imagined it. I'm sure the op did know me (it may have been N3QE), but I'd
rather think it was Vic telling me 73 and all is well.

Ken, AB1J
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