[CQ-Contest] Kenwood TS940S keyer advice

Gary Slagel gdslagel at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 22 13:40:51 EDT 2022

I'm trying to get a TS940S up on CW for the local ham club field day this weekend.  The rig has no internal keyer so I want to hook my winkey up to it.   We'll not be interfacing any software to the rig so this will be just for providing a keyer for cw.
The TS940 manual says to make sure that the keyer jack has a positive polarity at the tip of the jack and shows a diagram indicating a +14 at the tip.   Should I be able to use my winkey as is, with the plug wired for use with my elecraft K3?
I'm tempted to just give it a whirl but the club is pretty proud of the ts940s and I really don't want to damage anything.  When I measure the voltage between tip and base it gives me a -.3 between tip and base when keying.
Thanks for any advice.
Gary Slagel2226 Doran RdHot Springs, SD 57747(605) 890-2310KT0A

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