[CQ-Contest] Unassisted Challenge

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Fri May 27 16:00:50 EDT 2022

The unassisted challenge is great for those wishing to keep their spotting
network turned off. The clear plaques are beautiful. Good luck to everyone
this weekend. Thank you Dan and Axel for sponsoring this separate event!

John KK9A 

Unassistedchallenge wrote:

overlays WPX CW this weekend.  Any single-op who does not use spotting
assistance can enter (which includes all Classic entries).

The Unassisted Challenge is intended to replace the traditional unassisted
in the WPX SSB and CW contests.  We encourage single-ops to leave the
cluster off and operate unassisted.  There are 21 plaques available again
this year.

To enter you must submit a valid single-op entry in CQ WPX and post to 3830
selecting the unassisted overlay.  You do not need to submit your log to
two places this year,
but must post to 3830.

Please forward to your friends, clubs, and reflectors!  Send any questions
or comments to unassistedchallenge at gmail.com .  Full rules are at
https://unassisted.org/rules/ .


Dan N6MJ / Axel KI6RRN

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