[CQ-Contest] CQWWSSB weird noises on 10 M and other bands

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The squigglers were audible in EU too, Bob...early as well as later, so coming out of the East I guess.  Not as loud as the usual Russian OTHR but something different.  Mobile drone missile radar in Eastern Europe maybe, or do I have a powerful imagination :>)?

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQWWSSB weird noises on 10 M and other bands

On Saturday in CQWWSSB I heard some very strange noises on 10.

One was a constant multi-toned carrier that was simultaneously 
transmitting between about 28.815 mhz and 29.125 mhz.  I
The other type of noise was what I'll call a "Squiggler" which was loud 
and about 3 - 5 khz wide.  It sounds "squiggly" - with audio like 
someone was very rapidly shifting their tuning dial back and forth while 
transmitting, but doing it within an extremely narrow range of 
frequencies - maybe 500 - 1000 hz wide.  If you took a pencil and 
rapidly moved it back and forth repeatedly in a narrow space on a piece 
of paper, you would see "squiggles" - a physical representation of the 
audio that I was hearing.

The squigglers were loud and annoying and then would drift in and out of 
the frequency very, very slowly and obliterate any callers for several 
minutes at a time.  This happened all over 10 M but also made brief 
appearances on 15 and 20.  I have never heard this before.  It was NOT 
at all the spurs and carrier type signals to which I am accustomed.

Any idea what these are and where they are coming from?

Tnx & 73

Bob, KQ2M
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