[CQ-Contest] Any good outdoors poratblesoldering tool?

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Fri Nov 11 09:12:26 EST 2022

There are many options for soldering on the tower. I have a small propane
soldering iron that I sometimes use but I prefer and electric iron and
often just bring one up the tower along with a long extension cord.  If it
is just a dipole wire those can be easy to solder with a propane torch, they
even used to make soldering tips for them.  Milwaukee manufactures a
cordless soldering iron. They also make an inverter so you can use one of
their batteries with your 120v iron.  If you search the recent towertalk
archives there are more suggestions like this one by AA1K: 

John KK9A

Luis Delgadillo xe2b wrote:

I need to re-solder a #14AWG  copper wire that became unsoldered at the top
of the tower.

I'd  rather prefer to solder it using a portable outdoor soldering tool (if
tsuch thing exists)
 in the top of that tower than
 trying to bring it down due to multiple antenas and feed lines on the way.
¿Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Luis 4A2B/W2GO

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