[CQ-Contest] RFI Faucet

w5zn at w5zn.org w5zn at w5zn.org
Tue Nov 15 08:27:10 EST 2022

That suggests a complete "rethinking" of a multi-op at K3TN to include a 
cooking competition during the operator off times.

The K3LR DX Motel maybe already be in redesign!!!!!

73 Joel W5ZN

On 2022-11-15 04:32, K3TN via CQ-Contest wrote:
> Wait, what?
> NM5G said: "I do a lot of baking, so decided to purchase and install a
> new touch operated 
> faucet for the kitchen sink in the ham shack."
> You bake and have a kitchen sink in your shack? I don't think I've
> ever seen a shack with a sink!
> I have visions of you baking cookies on top of your amp when sending
> RTTY QTCs...
> 73 John K3TN
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