[CQ-Contest] Remote, Elecraft K3, Mumble, PC, AnyDesk - audio

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You may be hearing the audio that is transferred through AnyDesk itself.
Since you don't need it for the radios, turn the station PC audio volume to
zero or mute it and see if the echo goes away.  There may be a setting
within AnyDesk that turns off the ability to transfer audio as well.


Good luck,

Bob K5WA



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I'm working toward the remote operation of my station.  I have my Mumble
server working, with a channel for each radio.  At each operating position,
I connect the radio to the PC, and on that PC connect to Mumble as Rig-x,
and enter the channel Rig-x.


Remotely, I connect to the PC for Rig-x via AnyDesk, and also connect to
Mumble as W5WZ and enter the channel for Rig-x.  I can hear the received
audio from the receiver on the Mumble channel.  With vox enabled on my K3,
my spoken audio from the remote location via the Mumble channel does
properly key the transmitter.


BUT, the problem I am having is that my remotely spoken audio, while the
transmitter is keyed, is coming back into my ears via the Mumble channel
(causing me to babble!).  Monitor function on the K3 is turned off.


I feel like I'm missing something very simple.


Does anyone have any thoughts?


--Scott, W5WZ



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