[CQ-Contest] CQWW M1 mult radio infrequently asked questions

wigi at kl0r.com wigi at kl0r.com
Mon Nov 21 16:28:27 EST 2022

It appears that we will be doing an unusual M1 for WWCW this year. and I
don't think I have done M1 in probably 35 years. I looked at the rules and
the FAQs for M1, and I have some questions.


First: If my mult station works a station that the op believes is a mult,
but in fact is not. for example, the op busts the call, but realizes after
the station has been worked that he/she busted the call and then corrects it
in the log. the second instance is no longer a mult, but worked on my mult
station. How is that logged, and does it change our entry category to M2?


Second: My mult station thinks it worked a mult - for example, QRM, and not
sure the mult responded to you. can my mult station work the SAME station
again to make sure we're in the log? I am concerned where the insurance Q is
separated by several minutes from the first, like when busting a big pile.
If the multiplier station logged me correctly the first time, I end up
working them as a dupe. no points, and also no mult. How is that logged and


Third: If you're using a second interlocked radio on the same band as your
run radio, is the second interlocked radio in that case the mult radio? I am
guessing not, since it is in the same band and not a simultaneous
transmission. but if I am wrong, what implication does that have regarding
the 10-minute rule?


I could go on. but these three are ones that are most likely to affect us.


Thanks, 73


Wigi, KL0R



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